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January 1, 2011
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June 12, 2011
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the five known popular physical sciences

Science is the Art of logical implementation of discrete objects while Art is the Science of the appearance of discrete objects. To say that Science and Art are two mutually exclusive academic disciplines is very unrealistically criminal because of the following reasons derived from the definitions above:

  • First principles show that Science is an Art and Art is a Science. Clearly, this indicates that there exists intersecting components between Science and Art. However, the extent of this non-nullity intersection is what may not be clear. And this is what normally creates contention while sparking debate by scholars of either disciplines.
  • Other similarity between Science and Art is the fact both academic disciplines deal with discrete objects. This indicates the non-existence of continuous objects because such objects are referred to as indefinite or still in formation stage since they do not occupy known space in time. Further analysis of ‘discrete objects’ in the definitions reveals that sometimes Art is a subset of Science because of the strict boundedness of study of the discrete objects by the Arts discipline.

Let’s now attempt to define the commonly popular physical sciences that include; Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Technology.

  1. Statistics is the science of figures
  2. Economics is the science of economic figures; hence summarily Economics is a subset of statistics. Oh! then, it was not necessary having it here because it has created no impact defining it! Okay, let’s continue…
  3. Mathematics is the science of the theory of figures. Not quite sure, but if you are studying figures, you are most likely going to study their theory! So this also sounds like it is also a subset of Statistics…
  4. Computer Science is the science of Statistics. Conversely, Computer Science is the Science of information generation which ultimately is one major activity of Statistics. Let me just leave this for you to draw a conclusion.
  5. Technology is the science of Art and Mathematics. Conversely, Technology is the science of determining shape, form and nature of discrete objects.

Over to you to supplement and make a conclusion…Above all – ABOVE ALL Don williams