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June 12, 2011
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December 26, 2011
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I participated at the 58th ISIDublin 2011

The world statistics congress organises a biannual conference through the International Statistics Institute (ISI) hosted in different parts of the world. It has organised such events since the year 1885. I have been very luck to have participated in two most recent ones, that is the ISIDurban2009 and ISIDublin2011. How I am continuously hopefull that I will keep participating in all the rest until I am honoured with the highest known award in statistics commonly known as Mahalanobis Award. But wait,.. it’s not all about attending,.. it will depend on my contribution to the body of wealth of knowledge for statistical development. What then is my strategy?

Firstly, I have to be an Elected Member for ISI before the year 2011 ends! This year is remarkable because the ISI held its 58th Session in Dublin, a city very closely similar to Durban where it held its 57th Session! Both cities have six characters, all the characters are similar except only two and both cities are ports for their countries! Secondly, I have to develop and present crosscutting statistical methodology at the next ISI WSC to be held in 2013 and 2015 at Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro respectively. Thirdly,.. send me an email and I will continue to tell you.

Among the achievements so far towards the Mahalanobis Award is the fact that as one of the pioneer African Young Statisticians, AYS, we founded ISIBALO during the ISIDurban 2009. An idea that has sold and penetrated deep into the cycles of ISI membership. ISIBALO comes from SIBALO, a word from my mother tongue meaning STATISTICS (or simply Mathematics)! In South Africa, the word is now entrenched into its education system as a mode of developing statistics or generally mathematical sciences through students’ competitions.

Nonetheless, statistical science has got numerous applications and it is the reason for the existence of both living and non-living things!

Did you know that the ISI 2011 award holder of the Mahalanobis Awardis Professor Victor Yohai from Argentina.  Professor Yohai, Emeritus Professor of the University of Buenos Aires, is internationally recognized as an outstanding scientist, a generous teacher and one of the leading experts in Robust Statistics. He has provided a lifetime of groundbreaking contributions to the fields of mathematical and computational Statistics with an enormous knowledge, also beyond his main themes of research. Professor Yohai’s impressive body of research includes fundamental advances in statistical thinking and numerous technical breakthroughs that span over forty years.