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December 26, 2011
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March 31, 2013
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Happier new statistics year 2013

The year 2012 will not go unnoticed simply because it has formed a foundation for the year 2013. Statistically speaking, we would not have welcomed the year 2013 if the year 2012 had not come! And, note that even when nothing substantial and worthy remembering happened, the year 2012’s numerical value will never be forgotten.

On my side, I tried to add onto the year 2012’s numerical value by among others, the following:-

Governance statistics: This is a new area in the statistical world that many countries including Uganda have been evading. However, I dedicated 2012 and so far some outputs have been registered, whilst many more are yet to be. Among those registered are (i) the data mapping study, that was successfully conducted and results disseminated. Please, email me if you need a soft copy of the report. (ii) Governance stakeholders’ training that aimed at demystifying statistics in relationship to measuring governance and development of measurable governance indicators and questions. (iii) Development of a survey data collection tool for monitoring country-based governance

Gender statistics: Development is said to be accelerated when all key players are given equal opportunities. In the same year 2012, in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, I took the responsibility of three aspects of gender statistics viz. i) Gender-Based Violence (GBV) baseline survey for the Busoga region; ii) Developed an online GBV data collection and management system that is internet-based; and iii) Developed and yet to launch a National Electronic Resource Centre for Gender Statistics and Gender indicators’ management and dissemination database.

Monitoring and evaluation system for the Civil Aviation Authority: No institution will advance without a properly managed M & E system in place and thus it was my honour to contribute towards the establishment of this valuable system for this institution.

These and many more were my contributions towards the growth of statistics and national development for the year 2012. Watch the space for what is yet to come in the year 2013.

Have a happier and blessed 2013.