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January 2, 2013
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January 19, 2014
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Data determines all existence

I would like to say, Allelluia to you all, He is risen to guide humanity to righteousness!

Data seem to speak it all no matter what the methodology applied to derive the final output. The real message of the statement may or may not be understood. Often times, majority of data users tend to bias the interpretations to suit their own intentions. Historically and biblically, data has existed since the creation of the world, thus it is known to be as old as the world itself. Misinterpretations of data have and continue to create divisions as seen from the so many already existing and still emerging denominations, despite reading the same bible! In academics and schools, when the same book is read and misinterpreted, judgement is quickly drawn about the level of understanding of the deviants. This is so because, not everybody can be right, actually though one can score poor, fair or good; or be ranked on a 5-level likert scale, logic drives it all towards binary digits (BITs) that computers do extensively understand. That is, one is judged as being right or wrong; true or false; pass or fail; no tendencies whatsoever towards one side; you either are or are not!

Data scientists are the professionals for remoulding the future world towards not only development, but also correctness. Data scientists will rightfully inform you that correctness determines development in one direction. Thus, from an informal view, a data scientist is one who has studied in the right proportions; science, statistics, mathematics, machine language, data mining, visualization, programming and software engineering!

Click here for some interesting presentation about what a data scientist does.

Therefore, we all need to get back to data to be able to understand God’s plan for our existence.

Happy Easter celebrations to you all.