January 29, 2019

Do highly rated schools deserve the merit?: demystifying academic performance differentials

Overview: Often times, input determines output. World over, best performing schools admit the best students graded by the education system, usually through the national examination bodies at primary, ordinary secondary and advanced secondary levels. The performance of students at those levels is a function of many different factors; varying from location, socioeconomic, demographic characteristics to hereditary factors.  In Uganda, for example, before a student qualifies for university entry, such a student is supposed to pass three national examinations, namely; the primary leaving examinations (PLE), the Uganda certificate examinations (UCE) and the Uganda advanced-level certificate examinations (UACE). All managed by the […]
November 28, 2018

Absence with permission

Welcome all! Permit me to acknowledge that I have been absent with permission, having obtained the REAL permission from the Almighty, God the Creator. Until now, for about three years, I haven’t posted any blog, not even wished anybody Merry Christmas, neither a happy new Year through this medium! I am now more than optimistic that I will begin once again to do so, even more consistently. Watch this space!  
January 19, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Just almost missed out on wishing you a happy new year 2014. Today is 19th January, 2014, but I know you will bear with me and just take my best wishes for the year 2014. Be blessed! Comments are closed.
March 31, 2013

Data determines all existence

I would like to say, Allelluia to you all, He is risen to guide humanity to righteousness! Data seem to speak it all no matter what the methodology applied to derive the final output. The real message of the statement may or may not be understood. Often times, majority of data users tend to bias the interpretations to suit their own intentions. Historically and biblically, data has existed since the creation of the world, thus it is known to be as old as the world itself. Misinterpretations of data have and continue to create divisions as seen from the so […]