October 9, 2010

Wesonga PhD defence

I salute you all! I will be presenting a PhD defence on the 21st October, 2010 at 2pm at Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda. It is about a very interesting title ” stochastic optimisation models for air traffic management.” I would like to invite you all to attend. Below is the abstract of the thesis for defence. Air traffic delay is not only a source of inconvenience to the aviation passenger, but also a major deterrent to the optimisation of airport utility, especially in the developing countries. Many developing countries do less to abate this otherwise seemingly invincible constraint to development. The […]
July 6, 2010

Towards the bigger vision for Africa

The stochastic nature of political and social processes determines economic development of the world’s poorest continent, Africa! History plays a fundamental role in all these interactions! I was either unfortunate or fortunate not to have studied history, not because it was a very difficult subject for me since I was the best in my senior one when I last offered it! I will, however, always be appreciative to Professor Simba Kayunga, who taught me political education, then, at my senior three and four in which I excelled. There are some key elements that form the core requirements for a bigger […]
June 17, 2010

Data in measuring corruption and governance at country level

Delving into this area is often a nightmare because little has been done even by the national statistical offices in Africa. It is a bear truth that national statistical offices have the duty of collecting and safeguarding all the data in a given country, but even a simple survey shows that none of them currently manages corruption and governance data in Africa. You and I know the significance of these attributes of corruption and governance towards national development, so there is no way we can reason that they are missing in national data archives because of their little or no […]
June 15, 2010

Climate governance and the question of equity

The just concluded international conference on climate governance in Berlin, Germany, held on the 15th June, 2010, organized by Inwent and Transparent International attempted to discuss the key issues of knowledge & information access, equity and the economy in addressing climate change. However, the common denominator seemingly emerged as failure to define equity! Does equity in the context of climate governance mean being fair or vice versa? One school of thought defined equity as that which should focus on the sources of finance, the financial obligation and its distribution amongst countries. Regardless of their levels of development, countries should show […]