June 5, 2010

Measuring socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS & malaria

It seems straightforward, but a second-long pause reveals serious hitches especially when you intend to carry out this measurement in a developing country. Inwent (read as Invent), a Germany based, non-profit organisation with a major focus on Capacity Building with worldwide operations dedicated to human resource development, advanced training and dialogue delved into this important, but often ignored subject in Africa. Dr. Bernd Gutterer facilitated the three months online workshop and later the on-site discussion in Accra, Ghana with participation from representatives from different African countries. Impact measurement studies for health related indicators normally make the following assumptions. (i) That […]
March 28, 2008

stochastic behaviour of the US elections

Generation of probabilities for different scenarios, where scenarios are elections in different states has been and is still a point of contention for the DP primaries in the search algorithm for the US president in 2008. Each day that goes by Obama and Clinton hope to maximize the electral votes in those candidate states. When this is achieved for a particular candidate , say Obama, then we say the actual probability was higher than for the other candidate. Many times before the actual probability is known, the media will have developed theirs through carrying out surveys, but of course depending […]